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Week 1: Storm vs Armada

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

The highly anticipated matchup between The Storm and Armada.

It's not often you find two powerhouse teams going up against each other in the first week. This is a potential preview of the finals as we have The Storm and The Armada facing off in week one.

“Don't get ahead of yourself. You will lose. We will dominate. And we expect to destroy your pride."

Take a moment and watch the interview between two members of the teams and their coaching staff.

Mark Lukach & Jordan Falcone Clear Favorites

Rowing is not just an on-the-water sport. Indoor rowing (on the erg) continues to build and get a stronger base. As you're already aware, Crossfit has propelled the erg to new heights. Mark made the Elite 8 in The Global Challenge going up against the winner of the event - Ollie Zeidler. His fierce competitiveness and unbelievable ability to just sit on an erg and crank makes him a clear favorite

Jordan Falcone is one of the strongest 40+ women in THE ENTIRE WORLD. Yes, you heard that correctly. She is known around the world as a straight up killer. She kills people on the erg. We are surprised she hasn't been sent to jail. Not kidding.

Is she going to win? YES. That is never the question. We usually ask, "BY HOW MUCH?!"

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