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Have The Outlaws Fallen?!?

The Southeast Storm take control of the overall points in Week 4

After 4 full weeks of The Premier Rowing League we have a shake up in the standings. The Big South Outlaws have been overtaken by Southeast Storm for the overall points.

Don't get us wrong, The Outlaws are leading the Western Conference and still a dominating team. But The Southeast Storm finished a near perfect week and creating a healthy cushion between them and Mid Atlantic Founders.

Just like the NBA, whoever wins the Western Conference is going to win the Championship. Is that the same case here? Head coach Sarah Low is a seasoned coach and has enough experience to shake that tradition up. Hodge is getting confident and maybe too confident.

Looking at the breakdown we are seeing the Southwest Armada inch closer to The Outlaws. Could this be the turnaround all the teams are looking for?


We are worried about The Great Plains Herd. I think the entire country is worried about those athletes out in the mid west. How the hell did this happen? Head coach Calvin Cupp was SO SO SO confident his Herd would sweep the nation but as Zach said on Tuesday "If the lead Bull runs off the cliff, so will the rest of the Herd."

Alex's top pick of the week, Northwest Kodiaks, completely shit the bed and have fallen to the second worst team in the league. How? Why? Alex was so certain the team would dominate and head coach Nichole Martin is looking for answers.

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