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Paris Miller Is On Another Planet

She pulled something off that very few junior women in the world have done.

If you have been following Rowers Choice since March then hearing the name "PARIS MILLER" will not be surprising. You would know, almost immediately, that she is one of the strongest (may we say THE STRONGEST) junior athlete in the country. This past summer she won the Global Challenge beating Tamara from the U.K. She has broken nearly every record at Indianapolis Rowing Club and this young phenom is just getting started.

She joined The Frozen Tundra just a month ago and has positioned herself to be the top junior girl on the team.

Her mother suggested rowing because she thought she was good on the erg and since then EVERY SINGLE COLLEGE COACH knows who she is. Her tenacity on the erg is unlike anything we have seen for such a young woman.

"She is like Mike Tyson. Every rower knows they will lose when she walks into the boathouse.

Week 2 of the season brought on a distance that very few rowers ever do: 3x1'/1'

Paris was featured in the live stream event and with her was the entire Indianapolis Rowing Club. For piece number one she posted a 355m distance. Let me say this again: 3...5...5. For all you rowers out there, that is a 1:24 split. Can you do that?! NOPE!!!

What the hell does this mean? Well for one thing, she is as strong a college men. Second, she shattered the world record in her age group. Next week we plan to do an interview with this superstar athlete. Till then, check her race here on our channel.

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