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Premier Rowing League Launches (With Minimal Success)

The masterminds behind Rowers Choice have formed a new rowing league that snaps, crackles and pops with little fanfare.

On September 21st, Rowers Choice and the Rowers Choice Network have launched The Premier Rowing League. The league consists of 10 regionalized teams across the country with athletes ranging from 14 to 65.

"This league is designed to get rid of all the boring and out-of-touch rowing that has existed for more than 100 years."

The League features the best athletes from around the country in both the rowing and Crossfit communities. The 10 regional teams are led by some of the best rowing coaches in the country.

League Structure and Races

League Commissioner, Mike Wallin, has spent the better part of his rowing career competing in the same distances: 2k, 5k, 6k. At the beginning of the pandemic, Mike Wallin was looking for something to do that would change rowing forever. With his direction and desire to get rid of the boring aspect of rowing, he lead the team at Rowers Choice to establish a league that flips rowing on its head.

Week after week, the athletes of The League will compete on the ergometer in distances ranging from 250m - 900m. These distances are designed to promote the stronger athlete - not the most experienced rower. This allows for athletes in the Crossfit community to take advantage of the weaker rowers.

To learn more about The League and all its competitors check out the website.

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