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WEEK 2 Is The Tough Man Contest

A tough man contest is 3 round boxing match designed to encourage an extremely aggressive and short fight. If you've ever seen one, you know it's very different than your standard boxing match. There is a lot less gamesmanship and a lot more action. The fear of "running out of gas" is essentially removed from the fight and as a result you see 3 rounds (or less) of an all out melee between two very tough fighters.

"Everyone has a plan 'till they are punched in the mouth."

This week in the PRL, we will watch our athletes compete in a similar contest on the erg. While our athletes won't be punching each other in the head, they will instead be blasting and bursting at the highest level of exertion their bodies can create on the machine. We will watch a three round fight on the erg to determine who is the alpha when it comes to max speed. Strategy and aerobic fitness will play little roles (if any) in who wins this contest. This is almost entirely about being a beast and flexing your raw power over your opponent. We will see incredibly low splits and incredibly high stroke rates as each athlete squares off this week. More importantly, we are about to get a glimpse at which athletes have the most explosive engines in the PRL.

Strap in and enjoy the SLUG-FEST!!

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