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September 18th - Letter From the Desk

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Let the season begin!

Think back right now to when you were a young kid to the first time you competed against someone in anything remotely athletic. If you’re like me, and so many others, it was probably a short foot-race. “Race you to the tree?” “Race you around the block?”. Did you win? Did they win? I bet you remember at least one of these formative contests. I bet you remember the fastest kid on your block or at your school. This is why everyone tunes in for the 100m dash at the Olympics - it crowns the fastest woman and fastest man in the world. What a title to hold! It’s something we all understand because it’s something we’ve all tried at some level. The concept of max speed is something that resonates with all of us and we all want to see it!

"I want to see someone destroy the soul of another person."

Who is the fastest rower in the country? I can name some men and women on the national team but I’d just be guessing. Is the fastest person even on the national team? They train for 2k and longer for the most part, so who knows what their top end speed is. Is this person even a rower at all? It's time to find out and crown this woman and crown this man and give them the acclaim they deserve! What area of the country do the fastest people come from? It's time to crown that region and their team of explosive beasts as well! The track world and the swimming world allow for not only multiple distances but also much more explosive distances than rowing. The best and fastest athletes can compete multiple times and dominate over several events proving they’re undeniably the best. The Premier Rowing League is going to provide this for the rowing world.

We are calling out all of the beasts out there in the U19, Open, and 40+ age divisions. Are you the best at short distance rowing? We can’t wait to meet you, promote you, and watch you compete against others like you from around the USA!

Mike Wallin

League Commissioner

Premier Rowing League

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