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The Founders Mean Business

Read what Rich Henderson has to say about The Founders

The Mid-Atlantic Founders team members continue to grow as the season progresses. We're really getting into the competition that everyone is starved for during the worldwide COVID shutdown. We welcomed five new members last week and already have two new people ready to go this week.

We are very confident that given our strong base, combined with the addition of some additional muscle in key categories, that we will continue to move forward as a top team in the league. We hit a speed bump last week, due in large part to the piece being too long - Several key teammates declined to do the longer piece because it was interfering with their normal training schedule. However, this week we are getting back to a quick sprint and I'm looking forward to racking up points and solidifying our spot in the playoffs.

As the team manager, I've really enjoyed getting to know others in the sport that I ordinarily wouldn't have met. We have some really fun, talented, dedicated athletes who contact me throughout the week to check in on our progress as a team, and that's amazing given our geographical and age diversity. From Pittsburgh to the Jersey Shore, and from a 17 year old high school boy to a 75 year old grandmother, the team is having a great time competing together and preparing to bring the inaugural Premier Rowing League title home!

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