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Calvin Cupp: Great Herd Is Rolling

Watch out folks....they coming!

Beware the Herd that start to stampede

This infant league is taking shape with each week. Though, when you are as old as I am, I guess everything seems young. Nice thing is that with age comes experience and by my age there is a lot of it.

Those who are young and impetuous are often quick to jump to conclusions. The sharp tongued remarks of our young Zach and Alex remind me of those inexperienced novice crews we have all seen in their first spring race when they come off the line thrashing away at almost 40 spm, only to gas out and get walked through in the third 500.

I caution all of those who are quick to dismiss the Herd, you may not know who we are now but you will by the end of this inaugural season. We are the Colorado athletes who race at altitude, the Nebraska rowers don’t have a boathouse to row from, the Kansas athletes who have more steps to climb up and down just to get to the water than some of you do in a land training. We row in wind gusts that would make many of you afraid to go outside and we drive more miles to a single regatta than some of you put in all season.

The Herd may seem to be slow and to stumble at the start but if you have ever seen a herd gather together and build speed, you know that you do not want to be in their path once the ground under your feet starts to shake.

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