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NEW PODCAST: Swigs & Rigs

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

The latest addition to the Rowers Choice Network: Swigs and Rigs Podcast!

If the logo doesn't tell you what this is about, then you should probably stop reading and just move on with your life.

What are the two things that coaches in rowing LOVE to do?

  1. Talk about Rowing.

  2. Drink good beers.

This concept was born over beers and a zoom call with two awesome people: Tyler Page & Chris Leonard. Not only do they have a great friendship dating back a decade, they are two passionate coaches with an obsession over rowing.

On this weekly podcast you will be able to learn the ins and outs of rigging boats, the dos and donts of coaching, hilarious stories of rowing and opinions of good (or bad) beer. The hour(ish) podcast will be sure to get the obsessed rowing coaches talking and the beer lovers rolling in their chairs. Tune in each week as Tyler and Chris get buzzed and do what every coach in rowing loves to do: TALK ROWING!

About the hosts

Tyler Page Born in Canada, Tyler found rowing at an early age. His love for the sport carried him around the world and as he approached adulthood, he knew he needed to focus on the sports medicine side of the industry. He now lives in Connecticut and is the owner and founder of Mystic Spine and Support. Out of the two hosts, Tyler by far, has the most experience! After a few drinks the dude gets rolling and you will hear his passion of rowing come through.

Chris Leonard

Don't let the beard and messy hair fool you, Chris is serious and a seriously great coach. Now the head of men's rowing at Capital Crew, he has racked up victories around the country. After graduating Marist College, he knew that a career in rowing was his future and took a job with Harvard. YUP. HARVARD. After spending a lot of time in the cold and unrelenting weather, he wanted to expand his wings and go west in search of gold. He found it at Capital. Chris loves IPAs.

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