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Interview with The Southwest Armada

Very rarely do you find a combination like Coach Chris & Kelly Valdez

It's so so so so obvious that rowers are terrified of Crossfit athletes. We know it. You know it. They all know it. Period. End of story.

Meet Kelly Valdez and her coach Chris Leonard.

When asked what she knew about rowers she said very clearly "I thought you guys rowed for long periods of time out in the ocean or something." WHAT?!?! Is that serious? Is SHE serious?

What does that mean to all those rowers out there? If that comment doesn't get you fired up, you need to stop rowing and just give up. Give up now.

Chris realized very early on what he needed to do to win this week and the championship this year: find athletes that are not rowers. With the American flag behind him, he is working diligently to find the right combination of athletes.

Go Armada!

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