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Zoomcast Season 3: Eric Murray

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Alex sits down with one of the greatest rowers of all time! Eric Murray.

How did he win so much? What is his secret? What the heck is he doing with his life after winning 2 Olympic Gold Medals? You get to see a whole new side of Murray in this hour long interview.

“I rowed probably 300K a week."

He Is Absolutely Crazy

It's not often you meet an Olympian who was ALSO undefeated in every World Championship leading up to the biggest event in the world. Even after the interview and getting to know Eric, we do not understand how he did it. It's a rowers desire - nah, their FANTASY - to win at the elite level. This dude won every race he entered and did it by margins never seen before.

Ever watch a novice lightweight fours race? Remember when you watch the first place team cross the line and about 45 seconds later you see the 2nd place team cross. Well that was Eric. Not the 2nd place LOSERS...but the WINNER! He was so fast he could take a swig of water, stretch and get back to the dock before 6th place crossed the line.

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