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Bryan Volpenhein & Aquil Abdullah Speak

Bryan and Aquil sit down to discuss a heavy topic: Racial Injustice


It's not often that two men of different races, background and life experience, can sit down and have a deep conversation. It is not in our DNA to do so. With all that was happening in the world, these two fathers, rowers, athletes, men, decided to show the world how people should be treated.

Take time out of your day and watch this.

These Men Have History

Anyone who rows in this country - nah, the world - should know these two men. Aquil was the first black men to ever represent US Rowing in the Olympics and Bryan was stroke of the Olympic winning men's 8+ in 2004. We grew up with these men as our heroes.

They rowed, trained and lived together throughout the late 90s and early 2000s. Their incredible bond that was built through blood, sweat and tears has carried on through 2020.

Time has passed and these men have become fathers. They are still, however, connected to the sport they love. So in early April they asked Rowers Choice to provide a platform for a conversation. At times it will make you uncomfortable. You might even cry. It's OK.

We need more of this in our lives. Listen. Watch.

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