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Athlete Profile: Paris Miller

Alex sits down with Paris Miller to talk about her past and rowing goals.

When we think about Indiana there are two people that come to mind: Larry Bird and Reggie Miller.

Fortunately for us, Paris knows who those two are. They were game changers in their own sport and Paris is on the verge of doing the same for Rowing.

Funny enough, Paris and Reggie are similar. They both played basketball with their sibling and father every night before going to bed. But THIS Miller family called it "BATTLE BALL". Her competitive nature is in large part due to battle ball every night against her younger (and taller) brother.

She picked up rowing just a year ago and since her emergence into the sport she has broken the dreaded 7:00 barrier in her second outing AND placed first in every fall race she entered. Rowing is a team sport but its clear this athlete is the driver of her squad.

Paris started her athletic journey as a basketball player but found that she was having trouble connecting to the sport and her team. The first day of rowing she knew this was the sport she was meant to participate in.

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