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Zach's Pa Pa Power Rankings Week 3

See where Zach places the top teams! Tons of movement up and down.

This week has a lot of movement in the power rankings. Zach is absolutely spot on with this list. And the only question that comes to mind – How can The Herd be this bad?! We know rowing is popular out there in the great plains…so what is going on?

Week two shows a lot of movement in the rankings but The Big South Outlaws continue their dominance and show the league they are the number 1 team in the country.

After The 3:33 To Paris Week 3 is over – we are expecting an even bigger shake up in the rankings

1. Big South Outlaws

2. Southwest Armada

3. Mid-Atlantic Founders

4. Southeast Storm

5. Northwest Frozen Tundra

6. New Conn Empire

7. Northwest Kodiaks

8. Strokes United

9. New England Sound

10. Great Plains Herd

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