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Live Stream Week 4: Records Broken

5 races and incredible athletes compete in a 250m battle royal

It's so obvious. Painfully obviously that no rower is truly prepared for a 250m all out sprint. Why would they be? Do they race a 250m sprint? NOPE. Do they even train in such short distances? You know the answer.

On October 13th, 10 athletes from around the country sat on an erg at 8pm EST and cranked out ridiculous splits. A hero was born. A loud mouth cowboy was also created. You know who you are....Craig!

Our hero, Chris Glasgow, pulled an outstanding 1:08 split and sustained a 1:11 for the rest of the 250m. But what is more amazing is the next morning. Just like Sir Roger Bannister in 1954, Chris Glasgow showed the rowing world that others can break 1:10 split and finish under :35 seconds for 250m.

The event ended with Jack "be nimble" Trimble going up against Craig Oldigis. It's cowboy meets farmer. The victor? Oldigis but not by much.

Check out the race here. And look for Thursday night's ERG MANIA!!!

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