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Week 2 Distance Announced...Good Luck!

It's not easy. Saddle up. Set the monitor and get ready for the pain cave.

Do you get uncomfortable when you see that workout? I bet you do.

How do you even attack a 3x1 workout? The equal rest makes it even harder. Here is the deal, if you set yourself up for failure on the first piece, you are going to drown in misery. We have simple predictions: every athlete will go HAMMMM on piece 1 and die on piece 2/3.

You know the song "I believe I can fly" - well all these athletes are going to FLY AND DIEEEEE.

No right minded crew coach would ever have their athletes do this workout in a normal work week. Nope. No way. It's a blaster workout that does nothing for you in a boat. Maybe you do 10x1' or 20x1' and learn how to control your heart rate. But in the Premier League we are looking for the best, the strongest, the smartest. Get ready to see some pain.

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