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PRL - Live Stream Racing Builds

Premier Rowing League is changing the game

Rowers hate fanfare. Well, at least they used to.

The Premier Rowing League has completely changed the game of rowing by introducing live stream races on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Each week the audience grows and the athletes are feeding off of the energy.

Nothing like this existed before the first season of The Premier Rowing League. Athletes ranging from juniors to masters over 50+ are setting up their monitors and competing against their peers.

The audience has grown exponentially since week 1. At the start, the PRL had only a few live audience members. On Thursday nights live stream, more than 50 people from around the country tuned in to watch an Alaskan Fisherman go against a Colonel in the US Military. Who won? Go check it out.

More live stream races are scheduled and the audience continues to grow.

Take a look at the race here.

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