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Coach Low Expects A Victory

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Sarah Low knows more about rowing than 99% of coaches out there. She expects a clear victory over The Armada Week 1.

It's no secret that Sarah Low has worked hard to get to where she is. As the program director of Atlanta Juniors, she is in charge of more than 100 athletes and countless parents. Her experience at the college level has made her one of the most dominating coaches in the country.

“The Storm is Building. I'm Confident.

She doesn't need a whole of words to explain what's going to happen.

Experience Trumps Youth

Sarah was born in 1985. Sorry folks. We know we aren't supposed to tell a woman's age but this fierce lady is proud of her experience. She started rowing in the nations capital back in the early 2000s and found her way onto The Tarheels by 2004. She is OK saying she wasn't the best rower. But who cares, right? We sure as hell don't. We only care about the big W's in today's world.

Her resume is ridiculously amazing. She spent time out west and got a degree from The U of Washington and did some coaching with Sammammish. She had a stint with Home Depot so you know she can handle a hammer. Her latest accomplishment - besides being one of the only women in leadership positions - is getting her Level 3 USRowing Cert. Badass. Period.

Watch what she does with her line ups this week as she goes against The Armada.

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